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Capturing the economic, social and environmental impacts of the public-private partnership between the NASA, the US Department of State, USAID, and Nike.


SecondMuse understands, designs and executes collaboration strategies. We believe that the best way to solve complex challenges is to bring together a diverse set of partners and perspectives to create sustainable solutions. Our work manifests itself in initiatives, technologies and strategies that we design and execute in partnership with our clients.

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Open Innovation

We scale and apply our collaborative approach en masse, facilitating and mobilizing initiatives involving a broad group of diverse organizations from public and private sector and aligned individuals to learn, strategize, design and coordinate action to tackle wicked problems.

Systems Innovation

Engagement of a diverse but focused set of participants and stakeholders in collective action towards a specific outcome. A structured approach to building a coalition for the collaboration process, with an open engagement format.

Corporate Activation

We provide a holistic approach to employee motivation within your organization, offering you a process and tools to unlock human potential and corporate efficiency through the application of the latest research in motivational theory.

Meet our team.

Joe Hsueh

Joe Hsueh


Joe is a large systems change designer, mapper, facilitator, capacity builder and innovator. He is passionate about applying the systems approach to build collaborative networks. He enables multi-stakeholder groups to see the larger system and identify high-leverage points for collective impact using participatory systems mapping. He has worked on topics such as sustainable supply chains, sustainable fisheries and collective action platforms with clients such as Nike, Walton Family Foundation and The World Bank.

Carrie Freeman

Carrie Freeman


Prior to joining SecondMuse, Carrie worked for Intel Corporation as Director of Sustainable Business Innovation pioneering strategies such as a corporate impact investing fund and developing technology market solutions to solve global sustainability challenges. Carrie formed the corporate sustainability group and directed corporate-wide efforts working with key stakeholders to ensure industry leadership. Carrie regularly speaks globally on the roles of technology, sustainability and innovation and sits on several advisory boards.

Todd Khozein

Todd Khozein


Todd is a pioneer in systems innovation based on biological models. In this context, he has studied and applied systems theory to organizational innovation, developing systems in industries ranging from medicine to entertainment. His interests lie in creating collaborative frameworks where the incentive structure, technology and human resource development initiatives align to enable innovation across hierarchy. At SecondMuse he has founded initiatives such as RHoK and LAUNCH.

Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan


Michael Brennan leads mass collaboration projects related to technology and social impact such as National Day of Civic Hacking and NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Drexel University where he co-founded their Privacy, Security and Automation Lab and was the recipient of the Jay Modi Memorial Award. Michael is passionate about catalyzing positive social change through open technology communities, socially conscious software development, and free and open access to the Internet.

We believe that positive impact is a function of deep understanding, good ideas and effective action.

Recent news


Internet Freedom through Localization of Tools

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On March 4th, 2015 in Valencia, Spain as part of the Circumvention Tech Festival, the Localization Lab from SecondMuse hosted our second ever Localization Sprint. The goal of the Sprint was to convene a group of translators from the Localization Lab Community with Developers from the Tor Project and Globaleaks to translate Internet Freedom Tools (IFTs) into more than 10 different languages simultaneously and also to identify localization and user challenges while providing real time feedback...

Update from New York’s Next Top Makers

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Here is the latest update from New York’s Next Top Makers, a NYCEDC program to support local manufacturing and hardware entrepreneurs in NYC. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Hi Everyone! What a crazy, wonderful last quarter of 2014 it has been for New York’s Next Top Makers. We have been busy popping up around town to explore what Making looks like in each borough of this fine city; we selected six Next Top Makers Fellows, hung out with the…

SecondMuse’s Year in Review: Green Chemistry, Making, Internet Freedom, Systems Mapping, and Social Change

| About SecondMuse, Corporate Activitation, Leadership, Open Innovation, Systems Innovation | No Comments
2014 was a big year for SecondMuse. We had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of partners all around the world to create true social impact in a variety of sectors. This retrospective touches upon some projects that were particularly notable for us. Innovating Canada’s Future with the McConnell Foundation With its latest initiative, RECODE, the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation infusing a culture of social innovation and entrepreneurship in post-secondary education throughout Canada....

Hacking journalism with technology in Doha

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We’ve been working with the Innovation and Research Group at Al Jazeera to explore how technology might fuel innovation in journalism and news media.  The Canvas Media in Context Hackathon is the first event to come out of  our collaboration. The theme — media in context — acknowledges that there is much more to telling a story than simply conveying facts. How can new technology provide access to  the kind of historical, cultural and environmental…

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