Bringing new thinking and solutions to the
complex challenges facing humanity

We are an innovation agency designed to tackle complex problems. Together with our clients and partners we create solutions that have lasting social and environmental impact. We specialize in finding opportunities within complexity, working with the public, private and civil society sectors to:


Understand the systemic causes of issues, identify opportunities where new action will have the biggest impact, and design and coordinate efforts to implement change.

A unique combination of human- centered design, systems thinking and collaboration

Open innovation

A collaborative process for identifying challenges, creating solutions and accelerating them to market. Open innovation expands the pool of innovation beyond typical sources, more efficiently matching problems with potential solutions.

Collective action

The purposeful and highly coordinated efforts of multiple actors. It unites the resources and effort, creates the trust, and establishes the common vision required for long-term solutions.

We believe that positive impact is a function of deep understanding, good ideas and effective action.

Recent news


SecondMusing in Mexico

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Last week, we were graciously invited to spend a week at an historic hacienda outside of Merida, Mexico.  Our thought partners, La Vaca Independiente, a social enterprise focused on systemic change, knew that working amidst ancient relics would inspire us to pause, contemplate our work, and recharge as we planned ahead. As we discussed systems innovation, human-centered design, and emerging technologies, we reaffirmed our commitment to need-finding amongst global communities and the promise of virtual reality as a transformative tool for…


How Robots Are #RethinkingResponse

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One of SecondMuse’s ongoing open innovation challenges is The Pacific Humanitarian Challenge.  PHC is seeking innovative ways to prepare and respond to natural disasters in the Pacific. As the February 7, 2016 application deadline approaches, Patrick Meier, author of Digital Humanitarians, and a leading thinker in humanitarian technology and innovation, shares his thoughts about innovation in this space. 1. Your book, Digital Humanitarians, looks at how big data is changing the face of humanitarian response….


Turning Maker Dreams into Reality with Free Business Workshops

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SecondMuse has been working with the New York City Economic Development Corporation on a community-sourced incubator and will be tweeting under a new name — NOT going away. Next Top Makers is now part of Futureworks NYC,  a network of programs, services, and spaces to support the growth of New York City’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem from NYCEDC. The new Twitter handle is @FutureWorksNYC. In its third year, Next Top Makers is launching a five-month workshop…

Golfito, Costa Rica

We Need Unprecedented Collaboration, Q/A with Todd Khozein

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Todd Khozein is a managing partner of SecondMuse and a pioneer in systems innovation based on biological models. He holds a Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Mexico. As we begin a new year, Todd shares his vision for SecondMuse and the importance of creating collaborative frameworks. At SecondMuse Todd has founded initiatives such as Random Hacks of Kindness (in collaboration with Google, Microsoft, HP, NASA, the World Bank…

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