We collaborate with organizations to bring new thinking and solutions to complex challenges facing humanity

We are an innovation agency designed to tackle complex problems. Together with our clients and partners we create solutions that have lasting social and environmental impact. We specialize in finding opportunities within complexity, working with the public, private and civil society sectors to:


Understand the systemic causes of issues, identify opportunities where new action will have the biggest impact, and design and coordinate efforts to implement change.

A unique combination of human- centered design, systems thinking and collaboration

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A community sourced incubator for product startups in New York City


Breakthrough technologies brought to scale

We believe that positive impact is a function of deep understanding, good ideas and effective action.

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M-Corps Manufacturing 101: Talking to Manufacturers Workshop Lessons and Takeaways

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On January 16, M-Corps launched the first manufacturing workshop in a series that will stretch into 2020. On Wednesday at Urban Future Lab, we kicked off with Manufacturing 101: Talking to Manufacturers, a panel discussion spearheaded by local experts and moderated by SecondMuse Senior Director Katey Metzroth. As our partners at Dragon Innovation say, “Early mistakes cast a long shadow,” and our workshops help founders make more informed decisions early on to save money, and…

Different stakeholders convened

Storied Seafood: Collaboration and Innovation Towards Sustainable Seafood in Indonesia

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Imagine seafood delicacies from around the world: Freshly rolled Sushi, zesty Seared Tuna Salad, warm and savory Salmon en Croute, and among others – smoky Ikan Pepes; a local specialty, cooked inside a bamboo with Balinese spices. The dishes are indeed delicious and taste even better because they’re all sustainably-sourced. On the eve of the Our Ocean Conference 2018, the Storied Seafood dinner offered a night of tasty seafood delicacies and engaging conversations about sustainable…


M-Corps Onboarding Wraps Up With a Focus on Essential Manufacturing Baselines

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M-Corps is America’s first program to help cleantech startups manufacture and get to market faster. Funded by NYSERDA, SecondMuse and Rochester-based NextCorps are working with promising startups across New York State. Our reflection of the first two days of M-Corps onboarding at New Lab focused on how to produce connection, trust and altruism, which is the baseline of SecondMuse’s approach to building 21st century economies. On the final day of onboarding at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn…


Three Lessons from SecondMuse’s M-Corps Launch at New Lab

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More than a year ago, we wrote a 90-page proposal to win NYSERDA’s M-Corps RFP. There were lots of diagrams and models, fancy flow charts and infographics. But really, those frameworks were just elaborate ways to deliver our real message: SecondMuse’s M-Corps will strengthen the cleantech manufacturing economy in New York by bringing people together and solving real problems like how to manufacture. Sound a bit vague? It’s not. From innovation districts to coworking spaces,…

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