Bringing new thinking and solutions to the
complex challenges facing humanity

We are an innovation agency designed to tackle complex problems. Together with our clients and partners we create solutions that have lasting social and environmental impact. We specialize in finding opportunities within complexity, working with the public, private and civil society sectors to:


Understand the systemic causes of issues, identify opportunities where new action will have the biggest impact, and design and coordinate efforts to implement change.

A unique combination of human- centered design, systems thinking and collaboration

Open innovation

A collaborative process for identifying challenges, creating solutions and accelerating them to market. Open innovation expands the pool of innovation beyond typical sources, more efficiently matching problems with potential solutions.

Collective action

The purposeful and highly coordinated efforts of multiple actors. It unites the resources and effort, creates the trust, and establishes the common vision required for long-term solutions.

We believe that positive impact is a function of deep understanding, good ideas and effective action.

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Social Media, Social Change: Meet Matt Scott

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For SecondMuse digital storyteller Matt Scott, “social impact” has a double meaning. Not only does he have a background in driving impact on social media for non-profits and fortune 100 companies; he also has a tireless love of social impact for the sake of social progress. At SecondMuse, Matt‘s passions converge. Today, this communications strategist shares his journey to discovering the magic of digital storytelling and what he’s learned on the road to his current work….

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Chefs Help Spark a Blue Revolution for Oceans

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“I support the Blue Revolution,” says Anthony Parker, sous chef at the world-famous Port Douglas, Australia restaurant Nautilus. “I support a great environment.” Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing food production industries in the world: today, nearly half of the fish we eat are farmed. As the industry expands, it’s more important than ever to ensure that farming in the ocean is sustainable. That’s why the Australian Government, the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation X Labs,…

Eleanor in Mexico

Hacking and Hiking: Meet Eleanor Greene

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Eleanor works on the communications team with SecondMuse as the digital media intern since November 2015. She works with LAUNCH and other innovation programs, where she works on blog posts, website maintenance, social media and communications strategies. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Eleanor interned in digital communications in multiple fields including nonprofit, public media and government, and was the editor-in-chief of AWOL Magazine. When she’s not thinking up titles for blog posts or researching innovators, Eleanor…


Your SecondMuse: Open Data and Unlikely Partnerships

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Data for social good is becoming part of the business vernacular and SecondMuse holds a dynamic space in that world view. For the past seven years, SecondMuse has pioneered projects that promote open data and open source solutions while forging unlikely partnerships between governments, companies, and citizens to address global needs. “Data informs and connects people solving social and and environmental problems on the global and local scales,” says Carrie Freeman of SecondMuse. A strong…

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