A New Alliance: SecondMuse and Further By Design


Imagine a series of virtual high-fives when Ikea announced it was planning to use biodegradable mushroom-based packaging instead of polystyrene in an effort to be more eco-friendly. It happens that the mushroom-based material Ikea is embracing was invented by Ecovative, an innovator that Further By Design and SecondMuse have helped accelerate. The companies have worked together for six years on solving complex societal and environmental challenges through a systemic approach, including founding the award-winning LAUNCH program with NASA, Nike, USAID and the U.S. Department of State in 2010.

Today we announce that SecondMuse and Further By Design have formally merged to understand and solve some of the most daunting global challenges by developing more effective innovation programs.

“We saw the value of aligning our resources and learnings to advance impact in areas such as disaster response, sustainability, climate change, and internet freedom,” says Todd Khozein of SecondMuse.

Team retreat 2016

In the short time since the two companies merged, SecondMuse has expanded LAUNCH globally and is working on several programs with clients such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. These challenges are centered on aquaculture and ocean conservation and focused on Pacific humanitarian disaster relief and the blue economy. The team is also actively designing a Big Data Innovation Challenge with the World Bank.

“We realized that there were few people thinking about innovation in the way we were,” says Jeff Hamaoui, formerly of Further By Design. “Coming together gives us a chance to do bigger projects and help each other work at a scale that is already changing the game for us.”

As SecondMuse looks to build on what has already been a remarkable year, the company is currently developing innovation platforms in chemistry, health, internet freedom and next generation manufacturing in New York City. SecondMuse is also preparing for the largest hackathon in history with over 170 cities as part of NASA’s International Space Apps.

Our social media channels are also merging. Follow us at SecondMuse on Twitter and Facebook.

Davar Ardalan

About Davar Ardalan

Davar Ardalan is the Director of Storytelling and Engagement at SecondMuse. As a veteran journalist and former social media strategist at NPR News in Washington D.C., Ardalan lead dozens of real-time engagement campaigns to great impact. Most recently she was the Senior Producer and Social Media Strategist for NPR’s Identity and Culture Unit, traveling across the country producing live events and moderating Twitter chats on some of the most critical issues of the day including community and policing, voting rights, education, and immigration. She has cultivated thought leaders across platforms, generating millions of impressions across the globe via Twitter and an even more impressive level of response domestically. Ardalan has also worked as a Supervising Producer for Morning Edition where she helped shape the daily newsmagazine, and was responsible for decisions that required elaborate coordination such as broadcasts from Baghdad, Kabul and New Orleans. Through the years, her public radio productions have been recognized with two NABJ Awards and a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television. She began her radio career as a reporter in 1991 at KUNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ardalan is the mother of four and lives outside Annapolis, Maryland. In May 2014, she was the recipient of an Ellis Island Medal of Honor, for individual achievement and for promoting cultural unity.

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