SecondMuse Dispatch from SXSW Create

Next Top Makers SXSW

I’m at SXSW Create with the community of product entrepreneurs that make up New York’s Next Top Makers. SXSW Create is an arm of the SXSW Interactive that features innovations in hardware. Next Top Makers is an ideal fit for SXSW Create as a program that’s helping to position New York City as a leader in the new production economy, stimulating the growth of an ecosystem of Makers, designers, creators and manufacturers that is dynamic, sustainable and provides opportunities to all New Yorkers.

At the Next Top Makers booth we’ll be showcasing seven companies that we have been supporting this year through the program’s studio incubation and community workshop series. These companies are a great reflection of the dynamic community NTM serves, and include everything from a product line designed to reduce injury and improve performance for industrial workers, to a dog parking service for urban pet owners, to multicultural dolls to encourage young children (especially girls) to become interested in STEM.

Follow the hashtag #nexttopmakers to keep up with the action this weekend!

Blake Garcia

About Blake Garcia

Blake joined SecondMuse in 2014 and is a core member of SecondMuse’s open innovation team. He believes in the power and necessity of collaboration between diverse actors to drive innovation and meaningfully address complex global challenges. His work at SecondMuse includes partnership development and managing global innovation communities, serving in key roles on projects with Al Jazeera Canvas, the UNEP Live Open Data Portal, LAUNCH Smarter Chemistry, NASA Space Apps, and New York’s Next Top Makers among others.

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