Sustainable Palm Oil “Big Think” Convenes in Indonesia


SecondMuse is in Jakarta this week to kick off an innovation platform called SAWIT- Smallholders Advancing with Innovation and Technology. SAWIT means “palm oil” in Bahasa Indonesia, and considering a third of Indonesia’s palm oil comes from the hard work of over a million rural farmers working with small plots of land, SAWIT is putting local communities at the center of sustainable palm oil solutions.

Today we had the “Big Think”, which is a convening to understand what type of innovation is needed to promote change among smallholders in the palm oil sector. At the Big Think we heard about the burning concerns and opportunities for smallholder farmers from a diverse network of influential companies, NGOs and donors. Some of the emerging topics included inclusive finance, productivity, equitable supply chains/market access, and land use planning and management. 

Participants at the SAWIT Challenge Big Think

Participants at the SAWIT Challenge Big Think

At the beginning of April, SAWIT will release a Challenge that reflects the types of innovation this network wants to see emerge, and in August we will convene the winning innovations with a broad and diverse network at an Innovator Marketplace.  

SAWIT is a new partnership of the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) and the Smallholders Association (SPKS), with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Keep in touch with us @sawitchallenge and #SAWITChallenge.


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