This page lists positions for which SecondMuse is currently hiring. We are always looking to engage with motivated, talented individuals, regardless of which positions we currently have open.


About SecondMuse

SecondMuse collaborates with organizations to bring new thinking and solutions to complex issues facing humanity. We use a network-centered innovation approach to understand, identify, develop and propel key innovations to unlock transformational change.

We believe that the key to human prosperity is the coming together of diverse thinking and coordinated action to solve the really tough challenges. We create and facilitate this process. Our team builds capacity in people to think about challenges in a different way and create alternative solutions. We help facilitate this ongoing process using the principles of design thinking, curated collaboration, and open innovation, creating opportunities for change across organizations and industries.

SecondMuse is a certified B Corporation with 45+ employees from NYC to San Francisco, Washington DC to Melbourne, Australia and Bali, Indonesia. Over the past eight years, we have engaged 150,000 participants, prototyping more than 30,000 solutions including both hardware and software. We have screened more than 13,000 entrepreneurs and accelerated over 100 high-impact companies. These companies have raised over 100 million dollars and created a market value of over half a billion dollars. Our clients and partners include:  Intel, Google, Nike, eBay, IKEA, NYCEDC, NASA, USAID, UNEP, AustraliaDFAT and the World Bank.

It is a core belief at SecondMuse that diversity is necessary for strong networks to be built and sustained, and we seek to reflect that on our team as well. We are an equal opportunity employer actively seeking to build an inclusive company in service to our mission.

SecondMuse USA

Project Manager


Washington D.C.

Job Description

We are looking for a full-time Project Manager to support our North American consulting team. The consulting team is responsible for delivering programs with a focus at both a country and/or global level for government, philanthropic and corporate clients. There are multiple 24+ month projects within this umbrella. Project work will be conducted out of our Washington D.C. and New York City offices.

The ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree (or additional degrees) and at least 5-7 years of experience managing projects related to innovation from program design, to solution vetting and implementation, to ecosystem building. Specific knowledge of information technology, data, open innovation and technology thought leader relationships a plus. The job will require some travel. Candidates must be located in Washington D.C. or be willing to relocate. Relocation expenses not provided.

Key Responsibilities

  • The frontline liaison to the client, responsible for hosting regular client meetings, updating the client, developing a trusting relationship with the client, aligning the client’s expectations, and representing the client at internal meetings.
  • Creates a realistic project work plan with input from the team. Starts the project rapidly and efficiently. Coordinates team activity to ensure that work is delivered on-time.
  • Ensures the project team is up to speed on project requirements, scope limitations, changes in scope, potential risks, deliverable details, budget, etc.
  • Utilizes company wide best practices. Captures project learnings and participates in sharing learnings across project teams and the broader company.
  • Manages quality, ensuring that deliverables meet the client’s objectives and expectations. Reviews deliverables before they are sent to the client.
  • Manages the project budget, monitoring the burn rate and P&L’s and ensures that work is completed within budget.
  • Works with the project team to manage scope and proactively address scope changes. Requests billing to invoice the client at appropriate intervals. Keeps internal finance and project systems updated.
  • Manages vendor assignments and budget, in consultation with the project partner, and the work of vendors.
  • Facilitates post-project documentation and review (monitoring and evaluation requirements).

Key Skills and Capacities

  • Self-motivated and action/solution-oriented; entrepreneurial mindset is a must.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate across different sectors effectively – able to engage startup founders to funders to government to corporate partners and more.
  • Thoughtful listener with a willingness to consider multiple perspectives and possible solutions. Eagerness to connect to external resources rather than solve each problem on the spot.
  • Experience and familiarity with human-centered design principles.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Trustworthy and accountable to commitments.
  • Ability to identify partners that can improve the program and establish and build relationships with them.
  • Kind, with a team-first orientation.
  • A strong orientation and understanding of triple bottom line business approaches.
  • Strong grasp of innovation methodologies such as hackathons, business accelerators, incubation collaborative design and challenges.

Interested? Here are the Next Steps!

Send your resume and one-page cover letter, both in PDF format, addressing:

  • What interests you about SecondMuse?
  • What do you bring to a team?
  • What is your experience and expertise in project management in the innovation domain?
  • Who we can contact to provide a reference

Send to with “Project Manager” in the subject heading.

SecondMuse is an equal opportunity employer. Only finalist candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.

Cities Intern

Job Description

We are looking for an Intern to join our NYC-based Cities team that runs incubation programming to support hardware and manufacturing spaces across the city. The work under the Cities umbrella supports local economic development through Community Sourced Incubation initiatives in NYC & New York State. The Intern will support the implementation of existing programs, the delivery of the M-Corps, a program to help cleantech startups manufacture in New York, as well as internal operations for the NYC office, and the Cities Business Unit. Tasks include, but are not limited to, the key responsibilities listed below.

The Intern will be expected to work 20-30 hours per week and the position will last from Sept-Dec 2018. You’ll work with a dedicated team in New York. The timing and work schedule is flexible, but a three month commitment is required.

Key Responsibilities

  • Event Support & Logistics
  • Research and analysis
  • Support day-to-day project operations including but not limited to:
    • Contact database
    • Calendar management
    • Event invitation management
  • Work with the team to design and complete a project that supports growth and development
  • Attend and support at program events when schedule permits
  • Attend and document key partner & stakeholder meetings

Key Skills and Capacities

  • Strong research skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • A talent for clear, concise writing
  • Well-organized with attention to detail
  • Interest in product design, engineering, manufacturing, or cleantech
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Community-oriented

Invoicing and Expenses

The Intern shall receive an $500/month stipend from SecondMuse, which is to be used to defray expenses such as transportation, fees, supplies, and living expenses. The Intern will provide bank information through Justworks for a monthly direct deposit to be paid by the 10th of each month for the previous month’s activities.

In the case that the activities require travel (including international), pre-approved travel expenses will be covered separately. Note, this travel shall be mutually negotiated.

To Apply:

Send resume and one-page cover letter in pdf format addressing: What interests you about SecondMuse? How do you envision making an impact in the world? What do you bring to a team?  Send in pdf format to

SecondMuse is an equal opportunity employer. Only finalist candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.

SecondMuse Australia


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SecondMuse Indonesia


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