This page lists positions for which SecondMuse is currently hiring. We are always looking to engage with motivated, talented individuals, regardless of which positions we currently have open.


About SecondMuse

SecondMuse collaborates with organizations to bring new thinking and solutions to complex issues facing humanity. We use a network-centered innovation approach to understand, identify, develop and propel key innovations to unlock transformational change.

We believe that the key to human prosperity is the coming together of diverse thinking and coordinated action to solve the really tough challenges. We create and facilitate this process. Our team builds capacity in people to think about challenges in a different way and create alternative solutions. We help facilitate this ongoing process using the principles of design thinking, curated collaboration, and open innovation, creating opportunities for change across organizations and industries.

We are fast-paced virtual company, with a team of around 20 employees based in North America and Australia. Over the past eight years, we have engaged 150,000 participants, prototyping more than 30,000 solutions including both hardware and software. We have screened more than 13,000 entrepreneurs and accelerated over 100 high-impact companies. These companies have raised over 100 million dollars and created a market value of over half a billion dollars.

Our work has been highlighted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and has won numerous awards. You can read more about us in our Summer 2016 Issuu magazine.

It is a core belief at SecondMuse that diversity is necessary for strong networks to be built and sustained, and we seek to reflect that on our team as well. We are an equal opportunity employer actively seeking to build an inclusive company in service to our mission.

SecondMuse is a certified B Corporation.

Position: Visual Designer

Location: Portland, Oregon


Job Description

We’re looking for a visual designer to join our team. As the only dedicated graphic designer in a small and growing global innovation company, you will be intimately involved in all of the company’s platforms, from product pitching to delivery to impact reporting, and will be responsible for creating a range of visual collateral–including decks, reports, email and social media campaigns, blogs, swag, video and website designs.

The candidate will need to be flexible, versatile, imaginative and with strong communication skills to ensure that designs are on-strategy, communicate the desired message, and function successfully for varying technical specifications and performance metrics. Having a deep knowledge of branding and marketing techniques is ideal.


  • Branding: Work with product and branding teams to develop collateral for outreach, proposals, convenings, and new products. Ensure branding consistency across deliverables.
  • Storytelling and Communications: Collaborate with company leadership to refine and maintain our corporate identity, including collateral, website, email and social media campaigns, publications, case studies, videos and internal communications.
  • Product Delivery: Provide design support to product teams for a range of deliverables including presentations, websites, logos, reports, invitations, banners, infographics, posters, newsletters, t-shirts and other swag. Work may also include supporting innovators with pitch decks and other communications.
  • Asset Library: Build a library of visual assets that provides the company and its partners with sufficient resources to draft important collateral and complete less important material.
  • Management: Plan and coordinate completion of deliverables with web developers, printers, design specialists and others. 

Key Skills and Capacities 

  • Collaboration: You work best in a participatory, team-based environment. You inspire teams through collaboration as well as direction, vision, and planning of all aspects of visual deliverables.
  • Design Savvy: You understand and are able to leverage proven methods for visualizing data and communicating ideas.
  • Iteration: You understand that success comes sooner with trial and error. You can prototype at different levels of fidelity and seek input to increase positive impact.
  • Communication: You have strong verbal, written, and visual presentation skills. You understand the value of design and brand within a business context and can relate to others perceptions of design.
  • Self Management: You have strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects at the same time. You manage your own time to make sure we deliver the highest quality products on-time.
  • Learning: You are committed and motivated to learn, staying abreast of changes in technology and design and able to receive and analyze feedback from team members and clients.
  • Technical Skills: You are highly proficient with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Sheets, and MailChimp–and have at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. A preference will be given to someone who also has video post-production skills (e.g. Final Cut Pro).
  • Experience: You have completed a bachelor’s degree in design, communications, marketing or another related field and/or have 4 years of related experience.

 To Apply:

Send resume, links to samples of your work, and one-page cover letter in pdf format addressing: What interests you about SecondMuse? How do you envision making an impact in the world? What do you bring to a team?  Send to

 Only finalist candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.