This page lists positions for which SecondMuse is currently hiring. We are always looking to engage with motivated, talented individuals, regardless of which positions we currently have open.


About SecondMuse

SecondMuse collaborates with organizations to bring new thinking and solutions to complex issues facing humanity. We use a network-centered innovation approach to understand, identify, develop and propel key innovations to unlock transformational change.

We believe that the key to human prosperity is the coming together of diverse thinking and coordinated action to solve the really tough challenges. We create and facilitate this process. Our team builds capacity in people to think about challenges in a different way and create alternative solutions. We help facilitate this ongoing process using the principles of design thinking, curated collaboration, and open innovation, creating opportunities for change across organizations and industries.

We are fast-paced virtual company, with a team of around 20 employees based in North America and Australia. Over the past eight years, we have engaged 150,000 participants, prototyping more than 30,000 solutions including both hardware and software. We have screened more than 13,000 entrepreneurs and accelerated over 100 high-impact companies. These companies have raised over 100 million dollars and created a market value of over half a billion dollars.

Our work has been highlighted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and has won numerous awards. You can read more about us in our Summer 2016 Issuu magazine.

It is a core belief at SecondMuse that diversity is necessary for strong networks to be built and sustained, and we seek to reflect that on our team as well. We are an equal opportunity employer actively seeking to build an inclusive company in service to our mission.

SecondMuse is a certified B Corporation.

SecondMuse USA

Manufacturing Manager – NYC


Job Description

We are looking for a full-time NYC-based Manufacturing Manager to support our NYC-based Cities team. The work under the SecondMuse Cities umbrella supports local economic development through Community Sourced Incubation initiatives in NYC, New York State, Philadelphia, southwest Florida, and Indonesia with prospective programs in other US and global cities. The Manufacturing Manager will be based in New York City and focus on supporting and growing connections between the startup and manufacturing community across the city and state more broadly.

The ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree (or additional degrees) and at least 5-7 years of experience developing a supply chain, sourcing manufacturers, working with product-driven startups, leading a manufacturing process for a larger company, and/or other relevant design and engineering expertise. Specific knowledge of the NYC and/or New York State manufacturing ecosystem, the hardware startup community, or cleantech is a plus. The Manufacturing Manager role has the potential to expand to Manufacturing Director as additional SecondMuse Cities’ incubators are created and SecondMuse becomes a thought leader in 21st century manufacturing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop new incubator programming focused on helping startups to manufacture. Deliver programming in ways that are engaging to both startups and manufacturers.
  • Contribute to program design and once designed, oversee delivery and responsible for day-to-day engagement with startups, manufacturers and partners in a new one-of-a-kind manufacturing incubation program.
  • Source, vet, and build relationships with New York-based manufacturers and facilitate relationships between manufacturers and hardware startups.
  • Meet startups where they are and prepare them for the manufacturing process, engaging them and connecting them to NY-based manufacturers when they are ready.
  • Seek out and incorporate feedback from participants and incorporate it into program curriculum, delivery and design on a regular basis.
  • Host regular office hours to provide guidance to manufacturers interested in working with startups and product startups looking to demystify and build capacity around the manufacturing process.
  • Determine and track success metrics in order to measure impact and program effectiveness and submit regular reports on program success to client.
  • Provide subject-matter expertise to inform program design and implementation strategy across the Cities Business Unit and SecondMuse more broadly.
  • Position SecondMuse and the SecondMuse Cities team as thought leaders in 21st century manufacturing in local, national and global convenings focused on innovation and manufacturing.
  • Support the manufacturing education piece of new SecondMuse Cities incubators as they come online both nationally and globally.
  • Build out SecondMuse partner network to support successful manufacturing program execution including outreach and relationship-building with sponsors, government, and manufacturers..
  • Identify and build out potential streams of revenue related to SecondMuse Cities startup manufacturing programming.

Key Skills and Capacities

  • Self-motivated and action/solution-oriented; entrepreneurial mindset is a must.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate across different sectors effectively – able to engage startup founders to manufacturers to funders to government to corporate partners and more.
  • Thoughtful listener with a willingness to consider multiple perspectives and possible solutions. Eagerness to connect to resources rather than solve each startup’s problem on the spot.
  • Experience and familiarity with human-centered design principles.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Trustworthy and accountable to commitments.
  • Ability to identify partners that can improve the program and establish and build relationships with them.
  • Kind with a team-first orientation.
  • Ability to think beyond the ‘now’, develop strategies to push the boundaries of how things are currently made and build thought leadership around manufacturing and innovation.

Interested? Here are the Next Steps!

Send your resume and one-page cover letter, both in PDF format, addressing:

  • What interests you about SecondMuse?
  • What do you bring to a team?
  • What is your experience and expertise in manufacturing?
  • Why is 21st manufacturing interesting enough to dedicate yourself fulltime to determining its future?

Send to with “Manufacturing Manager” in the subject heading. Submission deadline is May 10, 2018.

NYC Community Manager


Job Description

We are looking for a Community Manager to support our NYC-based SecondMuse Cities team that runs incubators across the city and beyond. The work under the SecondMuse Cities umbrella supports local economic development through Community Sourced Incubation initiatives in NYC, New York State, Philadelphia, southwest Florida, and Indonesia with prospective programs in other US and global cities. The Community Manager will support the implementation of a portfolio of programs and help drive community-building and communications for the NYC office and the Cities Business Unit. The Community Manager will be responsible for creating and implementing the overall experience participants in SecondMuse Cities’ programs have. The associated tasks include, but are not limited to the key responsibilities listed below. Please note,this is a full-time position based in New York City with potential for growth into a program management role over time.

The Opportunity

SecondMuse champions and supports the growth of city ecosystems by designing and leading programs that involve workshops, events, mentorship networks, and curriculum to build and grow impactful businesses. At the core of our community-sourced approach is a dedication to creating and fostering cohesive narratives and deep relationships throughout the ecosystem. SecondMuse makes big cities feel like intimate neighborhoods through frequent social media, insightful blog posts and daily communication with participants, partners, clients and the broader city. We invite you to help build with us; leverage our proven strategies to build strong communities and influence local, regional and global networks; and add your own swagger to our growing team and portfolio of programs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support the implementation of Cities programs with a specific focus on community management and relationship building with a core focus on communications.
  • Manage our program communications: Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp, Slack, Blog, strategic email and Website content.
  • Use your voice to curate, write and share the stories of startups, partners, brands and clients.
  • Schedule and hold yourself accountable to monthly editorial calendars, impact tracking (likes, engagements, shares, impressions) and highlighting favorite moments along the journey.
  • Keep our relationship databases immaculate, with pride.
  • Head out into the field to develop new relationships with stakeholders and deepen existing ones, bringing your own unique experience, network and world into our world.
  • Contribute to program design and implementation strategy with a focus on how communications contributes to and strengthens relationship-building.
  • Support incubation and program events, workshops and convenings by promoting them and sharing out stories.
  • Develop decks, case studies and communications assets for the NYC team and wider SecondMuse Cities business unit.
  • Be kind and altruistic. Recognize the importance of doing high quality work while creating space to laugh along the way.

Key Skills and Capacities

  • Three to five years experience in marketing, journalism, social media, communications, community-building or advertising (or somewhere else where you honed your craft)
  • A deep passion for helping people tell their story
  • Interested in supporting startups, communities and economic development
  • Maintaining a humble swagger that carries you through the challenges that life throws your way
  • Perfect grammar, language and an original voice
  • Comfortable meeting, engaging and building relationships with new people
  • An appreciation for teamwork and the consistent rhythm of feedback that’s required to do exceptional work
  • Well-organized with attention to detail
  • Disciplined in working independently
  • Strong research and analytical skills including experience with understanding users; human-centered design

Interested? Here are the Next Steps!

Send your resume, one-page cover letter and one-page writing sample (all in PDF format) to with “NYC Community Manager” in the subject heading. Submission deadline is May 10, 2018


  • Include links to stories, social media, sites, blogs or anything you’ve written or created (that you love)

Cover Letter (one-page maximum)

  • What interests you about SecondMuse?
  • What’s a story?
  • What do you bring to a team?

Writing Sample (one-page maximum)

  • You’ve landed solo on Venus and, surprisingly, there’s a cluster of houses and a vibrant community. There’s also one house with your name on it. What comes next?

SecondMuse Australia

Communications Associate


 Job Description:

The ideal candidate has outstanding written communication skills, and is motivated by creating change through impactful storytelling on a variety of platforms. If you are interested, tell us why we should hire you. We are a fast-paced virtual company working on open innovation projects throughout the world. This position is part-time and based in Melbourne, Australia.

Key Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent written communication
  • Experience working with multiple stakeholders; client/relationship management
  • Strong social media skills
  • Experience in copywriting and copyediting
  • Detail oriented
  • Willingness to learn
  • High working standards
  • Basic web development competence (nice to have, ideally WordPress or Drupal)

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Duration: 3 months initially, with possible extension to full-time

To Apply:

Send resume and one-page cover letter (both in PDF format) addressing:

  • What interests you about SecondMuse?
  • How do you envision making an impact in the world?
  • What do you bring to a team?

Send to with “Communications Associate” as the subject heading. Applications close May 5, 2018.

SecondMuse Indonesia

Data Entry & Administrative Assistant


Job Description:

The Data Entry Administrative Assistant will assist and report to the Office and Finance Manager in Melbourne and work from the Indonesia office located in Seminyak, Bali (Sunset Road). Their role will largely be administrative and include data entry and compilation of data for monthly financial reports, organisation of files in our shared Google Drive system and basic research.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  • Data entry of daily banking and credit card transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts, credit card statements and expense reports
  • Data enter invoices and payments of invoices
  • Maintain order in the online filing system (Google Drive)
  • Perform basic research for grants and business development opportunities

Additional Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings and take detailed minutes
  • Maintain contact lists

Key Skills and Capacities

  • Fluent in both written and spoken Indonesian and English languages
  • Well-organized with attention to detail
  • Disciplined in working independently
  • Indonesian citizen
  • Self-motivated and action/solution-oriented
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Ability to live in Bali

A competitive salary, commensurate with experience will be offered with this position. SecondMuse will also provide employees with attractive employment conditions including health and life insurance, opportunities for career and personal development, as well as maternity and paternity leave.

Please apply to the position by email to