Open Innovation | Collective Action

SecondMuse is a firm that applies collaboration to understand and transform complex systems. A complex system can be a city, a country, a large corporation or a global industry. We specialize in using collaboration to solve complex problems that societies and organizations face today. We believe in working closely with our clients to design strategies, form effective partnerships, and execute sustainable solutions.

Products & Services

Research and Analysis | A strong innovation strategy requires going beyond intuition and experience, and supporting your idea with fact-based market research and analysis. Research and Analysis services provide a better understanding of the sector or space, as well as the generation and assembly of the relevant data to inform forward action. This step is critical in ensuring that the products developed during the process meet real, identified needs.

Systems Mapping | Systems Mapping involves the visual mapping of a system, identifying the parts and relationships in that system that are expected to change and how they will change, and then identifying ways of measuring or capturing whether those changes have occurred. The process is “relationship building at its core” and helps to resolve conflicts among stakeholders when people with seemingly different short-term goals come to see how their interests align over time.

Strategy | An effort to articulate goals and develop a plan of action that guide the strategic efforts of the organization. The service begins with understanding the current situation and context the organization finds itself in and what the mandates and goals are that it is trying to achieve. This service focuses on designing the appropriate strategies to support clients as they plan, resource and implement projects to most effectively meet their goals and mandates.

Big Think | A Big Think is an effort to identify and articulate challenges and goals and develop a strategic focus for the actions of an organization or program going forward. The service convenes stakeholders with diverse perspectives on the issues at hand to develop a deep and nuanced understanding of the current situation of an organization and context for the goals it is trying to achieve. We collaboratively curate these diverse viewpoints to identify challenges with broad applicability and impact potential internally or externally, and to create strategies to support clients as they plan, resource and implement projects to most effectively meet their goals and mandates.

Challenge Development | Effective open innovation is tightly woven with well-defined, impactful challenges. These allow innovators to focus their energy on the heart of the issue at hand, and are instrumental in the resulting projects having a high impact in the real world. Stakeholders and program partners engage in a discovery process to identify relevant topic areas and dive deep into those of highest potential impact for the program. A broader range of stakeholders and experts are then brought together to collaborate and co-create a deep understanding of the problem at hand. SecondMuse then iterates and refines these challenges both internally and with the stakeholders to produce a final result that will be most energizing and engaging for the community of innovators.

Technology Development | Technology Development services are provided to stimulate the creation of custom platforms, manage technology assets and help identify the appropriate approach to intellectual property management. We support the development and deployment of hardware, software and other experimental technologies.

Training and Workshops | Managing innovation resources and approaches is becoming increasingly more important for organizations. A comprehensive system must involve strategic partnerships with the company’s research and development strategy, while adopting proactive risk management to protect the company’s intellectual property rights. During our training and workshop sessions we help our clients by improving understanding, building capacity, and equipping them to effectively integrate innovation into their organizations.

Community Management | This service focuses on building, equipping and cultivating a sustainable, participatory community. Collaboration is the key to addressing the most important challenges of our time – and community is the platform that makes collaboration possible. Community grows, first and foremost, by working together to accomplish a goal. It is the global community that holds a diversity of perspective and approach to those grand challenges, and their wealth of cultural, professional, and practical experience adds a value achievable only through the crowd.

Valuation | The valuation services aims to capture the impact of the innovation process on multiple dimensions including but not limited to conventional return on investment. The total value of the innovation process includes both market and non-market dimensions. Market values are those that involve goods commonly traded in markets (including wages, in-kind offers of goods or services, etc.). Non-market values are those values for assets that are not commonly traded in markets, such as the value of social capital, intellectual capital and environmental benefits produced or preserved through the innovation process. We add a fourth dimensions of non-market values which we call ‘collaborative value.’ Non-market values are more difficult to measure than market values, but we utilize a variety of techniques have been developed to measure social, environmental, and collaborative values.

Incubation and Acceleration | We provide incubation services to support the development of high potential technology projects into technology products or services, and acceleration services to develop the best prototypes into viable businesses. SecondMuse’s incubation and acceleration programs provide technology projects with world-class resources, expertise and a roadmap for maturation in order to create new technology products or services that an organization may want to implement internally or incorporate into their service proposition to clients. These programs typically have an underlying hypotheses that our clients want to prove, such as proving the value of civic-oriented technologies or federal open data feeding into high value businesses.

Open Data | SecondMuse offers services in the development of a data strategy as well as specific approaches for an organization around their data. Today’s data discussions often centered around how to target advertisements or customize a user experience, which makes sense given that the growth in the market place is so closely tied to fact that how we interact with the physical world is more and more dependent on the pervasive use of mobile devices that are connect to the work through sensors.

Program and Event Management | Event Management is a comprehensive service provided to directly manage your innovation event onsite. It may include full execution of the event, including engagement of participants, experts and VIPs, team building and mentorship, logistics, event facilitation, and press and media management. SecondMuse frequently offers this service in contexts ranging from in-house systems mapping to large scale convenings of public-private-people partnerships.