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Whatever the challenge – be it disaster preparedness in the Pacific, global supply chains or education in Mongolia – we bring a methodological approach designed to identify powerful system-shifting solutions


Breakthrough technologies brought to scale


A community sourced incubator for product startups in New York City

LAUNCH is a global program that identifies and supports visionaries whose world-class ideas, technologies or programs show great promise for making tangible impacts on society. It brings together thought leadership, an innovation platform, and an innovation ecosystem to facilitate system change. In its six year history, LAUNCH has identified and accelerated over 120 innovators who have developed solutions to address sustainability challenges in areas of food, health, energy, materials, waste and water. It has generated over $150M of direct investment, and more than $500 million of market creation. LAUNCH currently has a focus on identifying and accelerating innovators in food and to advance the circular economy. In 2014 it was showcased at the G8 Summit and recognized as one of the US government’s most successful innovation programs.mmit and recognized as one of the US government’s most successful innovation programs.

Website: launch.org

Report: LAUNCH Valuation

Clients: NIKE, NASA, USAID, US Department of State

Futureworks is designed and implemented by SecondMuse in coordination with the business and manufacturing community of New York City to support hardware entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses in the city. Futureworks is a 85 business startup incubator backed by the New York City Economic Development Corporation. The program is building an ecosystem to support manufacturing and design-driven entrepreneurship in NYC by bringing together multiple partner organizations in support of a program. Each cycle of the program includes a year-long community sourced incubator, and leverages the resources in New York City to build and establish product companies in the city. The program is currently one of the largest startup incubators in NYC. Over 300 supporting organizations are part of the Futureworks community.

Website: www.futureworks.nyc

Client: New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)

Partners: Microsoft, Nike, Kickstarter, Make Media, NY Designs, Impact Hub NYC, Imagination in Space, PCB:NG, Cooley LLP, Myers Wolin, Blip Clinic, Shapeways

International Space Apps Challenge

Solving challenges facing earth and space through NASA’s open data

Open Data For Resilience Initiative

Improving Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management through effective use of open data

The International Space Apps Challenge has become the biggest global hackathon. For the 2017 event, more than 15,000 global citizens in 69 countries and 180 cities engaged directly with NASA to design innovative solutions to global challenges in software development, citizen science, hardware and data visualization. Teams of technologists, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs develop answers to some of the most pressing challenges on earth and space using publicly available data. The International Space Apps Challenge is a mass collaboration, with over 500 organizations internationally contributing through data, challenges, and in-kind and financial resources.

Website: spaceappschallenge.org

Report: International Space Apps Challenge – Annual Report

Client: NASA

SecondMuse designed and facilitated a program for the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery to explore and better understand how public and private partners can work together to tackle the tough challenges facing the global community of open data users. This culminated in a Climate and Disaster Resiliency Open Data workshop, several partnerships, and a report outlining the major challenges facing the utilization of open data to building disaster and climate resilience. The interactive workshop enabled partners to explore and better understand how the community should work together to tackle tougher challenges. Over two days the participants mapped the activities and challenges they saw within the global open data for resilience space. This culminated in a series of concrete challenges around which participants focused on moving forward.

Website: gfdrr.org/opendri

Report: Challenges facing the open data for resilience community

Client: GFDRR, World Bank Group

National Day of Civic Hacking

A national civic technology initiative

Internet Freedom

Promoting Internet Freedom around the world

Over 12,000 participants, 120 events, 103 cities, 13 countries, 22 government partners, 100 datasets, 700 innovations. An unprecedented Public-Private-People Partnership, the National Day of Civic Hacking is a national event that takes place the first weekend in June in cities around the world. The event brings together citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs to collaboratively create, build, and invent new solutions using publicly-released data, code and technology to improve their communities and the governments that serve them.  The event leverages the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of those outside government institutions to drive meaningful, technology-based solutions for federal, state and local government. It demonstrates what’s possible when we all work together to strengthen government. SecondMuse is a founding core partner of the initiative together with Code for America and NASA.

Website: hackforchange.org

Report: National Day of Civic Hacking

Partners: Intel, Knight Foundation, Google, Yahoo!

Radio Free Asia’s Open Technology Fund (OTF) program supports internet freedom projects that seek to solve the technical challenges of anonymity, privacy, security and information access for communities around the world. Unfortunately, a large gap often exists between the outcomes of these projects and the actual needs of users “on the ground.” SecondMuse worked with OTF to create a process for developing an understanding of the needs of at-risk user communities around the world. Inspired by human-centered design research methodologies, SecondMuse’s Internet Freedom Needfinding Framework provides a process for engagement with communities around the world to uncover their privacy and security-related needs while respecting their cultural diversity and privacy, thus better ensuring that project outcomes meet actual user needs. This framework has been employed with multiple communities globally such as the Tibetan Exile Community in Dharamsala, India, and a group of digital activists based in Vietnam.

Website: internetfreedom.secondmuse.com

Report: A needfinding framework for Internet Freedom

Client: Open Technology Fund

Hackathon Against Domestic Violence In Central America

Developing new technologies to support victims and reduce domestic violence in Central America

Big Data For Development

SecondMuse implemented the Hackathon against Domestic Violence with The World Bank Group in six countries in Central America and Washington DC, an initiative to develop a community of technologists and experts to co-create technology solutions against domestic violence. An internal World Bank incubator was set up to source the highest potential projects that came out of this initiative and scale them into technology products and services that could be used in the Central America region. Of 42 projects that were developed at the regional hackathon, 12 were supported and scaled through the incubator, covering technologies from communication tools for victims of domestic violence to educational campaigns.

Website: Hackathon Against Domestic Violence in Central America

Client: World Bank Group

SecondMuse worked with the World Bank Group to conduct a landscape analysis of big data activity and synthesize relevant literature into a report on big data for development. SecondMuse developed a framework in the report to facilitate the dialogue on using big data for action in the development sector, and identified necessary conditions and capabilities for the effective use of big data, as well as challenges and considerations. The report served as strategic support of the launch of the World Bank Group’s Big Data Program as well as events and partnerships led by the World Bank Group on the topic.

Report: Big Data In Action For Development

Annual Meetings Event: Big Data For A More Resilient Future

Client: World Bank Group